Outrise is very early in development and we are taking this opportunity to share our vision for the game with the community. Outrise is a game about multiplayer boss fights and asymmetrical gameplay.  Remember reaching the giant boss at the end of a level? Now imagine that boss was controlled by your friend or someone online. We think of it as a multiplayer Shadow Of The Colossus meets Left 4 Dead and with old school sci fi look and feel.

You spawn in to the game, grab your weapons, and emerge from the underground and into the fight. Terrifying roars of the Megalith echo through the streets. As you reach the battlefield a fellow comrade is crushed to a fine red mist beneath the ungodly weight of the beast. It's all out warfare. Fifteen players fighting against one like a colony of fire ants attacking's its prey. A team of davids against a towering goliath.


The game is asymmetrical. The way you interact and control a foot soldier is radically different than if you are playing as the boss. As a foot soldier you have access to an array of high power weapons like rifles, drones, and explosives. You can drive land and air vehicles and even climb the boss itself. You and an entire team work together to take down one player.



Words cannot describe the level of destructive power you feel playing as the boss. You are an unstoppable machine of death facing an army of real players by yourself. Entire teams are decimated with the click of your button. The earth trembles as you scale the landscape, leaving complete and utter destruction in your wake. Stomp enemies into pancakes, drop enemy-seeking mines, and unleash horrendous weaponry on your foes the likes of which the world has never seen.















Being the boss involves acute battlefield awareness. Strategy is involved as you need to know where your threats are at any given time. Enemies can be climbing you, attacking from the sky, and surrounding you on the ground at the same time. Your weapons are designed to help defend from any situation you might encounter.

If you're like us you remember the feeling you had watching Star Wars, RoboCop or Blade Runner for the first time. The visual effects weren't as advanced as today but there was something magical and surreal about the experience of old school science fiction. That magic is what we're aiming to re-capture with Outrise. It's something we don't see much of anymore and we want to change that. This is a dark world with a distinctly gritty, "lo tech" atmosphere inspired from science fiction of the 70s, 80s and early 90s.

The police cruiser concept shows how we're approaching vehicle design. Matte black, metal bar windows, angular silhouettes. The goal is to convey the cold, robotic justice of USF forces. When you spot one of these babies turning the corner expect no mercy. You'll be judged and processed for your crimes the same as everyone else.


Members of our group has worked on several sci-fi projects including Hawken, The Matrix film, and Metroid Prime. We're carefully designing every facet of the world to inspire and hopefully bring back some of that nostalgic feeling we had as kids.


Aesthetically everything in the world has a boxy, squarish design. Nothing is slick or fancy looking, but worn. It's a dark, industrial world and the atmosphere conveys it in every facet of the design. Every character, vehicle and object you encounter is a reflection of the consciousness and state of the world, which in this case is a dystopian future ruled by a strict superstate. The unity of design ties everything together and creates believability.

There are no classes such as  engineers or medics. Instead, characters are chosen by their name and attributes. One of the characters you'll become is Spook (left). He's an Outrise assassin with a thirst for USF blood. Gameplay wise he has stealth and long range weaponry abilities but also provides essential hacking and tech capabilities for the team.

We've begun work on an illustrated story project called Spook Origins, which tells his full backstory and where he comes from. We want to give you the ability to learn the entire history of the characters you play as. You can connect with them on a deeper level when they are a real person, not simply nameless grunts or generic classes. This is part of our grand plan to build the universe and the narrative framework for Outrise at every level and create a transmedia IP.


We're building in a huge amount of crazy, exotic weapons. You'll have robot dogs that accompany you on missions, nano-robotic insects to unleash on enemies, and chemical weapons to decimate entire areas. We want to bring the fun back in weapons in a believable way. Weapons are purchased with CryptoCoins and you earn CC by killing enemies and completing objectives. The more kills and objectives you complete, the more coins you earn.

The GUNDOG is an advanced four legged robotic drone with three modes of operation.The first mode is a pilot mode providing direct control of the robots movement and primary weapon. The second mode offers escort capabilities by following friendly soldiers and providing protection and situational awareness of nearby enemies. The third mode

is a completely autonomous scout function where the robot roams freely on the battlefield searching for and destroying enemies.